The Healing Power of the Goddess within You

Heal and free the Female Divine in you!
2-day Seminar, Including seminar documents
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Date: Sat. 27. Nov. 2021 – Su. 28. Nov. 2021

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Seminar content:

  • Venus, the goddess and Archangel Metatron: The mystery of femininity and goddess energy
  • Lady Sanada (Lady Nada): The Queen is back on her throne – Releasing the humiliation of the Feminine
  • Goddess Isis: The diamond temple in your sacral chakra – releasing abuse, activate your creative powers, harmonisation of the subtle energies of your reproductive organs
  • Goddess Shakti: The transcendence and renewal of the goddess in you
  • Mother Mary: healing of your birth and consecration to the Marian priestess
  • Lady Rowena: The courage to follow your own heart
  • Special characteristics and potentials of the goddesses: Find out which goddess can assist you in entering your own goddess energy and power
  • The consecration of your life cycles by means of the goddesses: Your past, present, and future life cycles are healed and harmonized through the love of the goddesses

Seminar description:

Whether woman or man, we all share feminine features within ourselves. Therefore, this seminar is equally important for both genders. Often times you could not or cannot fully live the Female Divine within you. In past lives and your current life, your female aspects were often suppressed, humiliated, and kicked to the dust. But now the time has come to live all your strength!

In this Seminar, the goddesses will help you to enter the depths of your true Being, so that you can shine. You will be freed from old attachments such as, for example, karmic violations of femininity, manipulation, dependencies, or emotional patterns. Together with the goddesses, you can transform lower vibrating energies. The dry desert landscape within you turns into a colorful, fragrant garden of Heaven of the Goddesses.

Let mother Mary, goddess Shakti, Lady Sanada (Lady Nada) and other goddesses embrace you and regain new strength. You will feel the transformation of your chakras in the light of the goddesses. Find the courage to follow your own heart!

For women: The goddess awakens in you! At last you return to your inner throne!
For men: Discover, experience, and integrate your feminine aspects!
For all: Experience an intense heart connection with the goddesses!

Words of the goddess Venus:

"Because I'm called the epitome of all Female, I will imbue you with this attraction, so that you can activate and radiate it."

channelled by Kyria Deva

What you'll experience:

  • The consecration of your life-cycles by the goddesses
  • An initiation meditation for the Diamond Egg of the Goddess, "the tempel of creation of the Goddess", with the goddess Isis
  • Partner exercises and meditations to activate your goddesses potential with various goddesses and ascended masters
  • The initiation as a Marian priestess, the Mother, Mary, who will give you special powers

This Seminar is ideal for you if...

  • you want to experience a weekend in the love and light of the goddesses, and ascended masters, and to obtain an intimate heart connection to them
  • you're ready to redeem the victim-perpetrator principle between a man and a woman (or woman and woman) in you and to enter into your true light power as a woman or a man, which was given to you originally
  • you want to redeem all violations of the Divine Feminine in you, to free and experience your divine female light


You have completed the Pendulum seminar so that you can fully benefit from the Godess Seminar and re-create all exercises at home by yourself.

Including Seminar Documents


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