Erzengel-Etui mit Reißverschluss

Your treasures stylishly wrapped!

Für die Erzengel-Medaillons in der Holzbox

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Your treasures stylishly wrapped!

The crystal bags are designed with love, great care and custom-made by hand in a small shop on lake Constance. After the completion of each individual bag, it is energized with the love and peace energy of mother Mary. For the manufacturer, there is no better gift than if you're looking forward to receiving and using the crystal bags, and if you can feel what lightful feast the angels and her were having in the making of the pouch.

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Der individuelle Namens-Stick kostet 8,00 Euro brutto und can be added here.

Lieferzeit beträgt ca. 2-4 Wochen (kann variieren), da die Taschen von Hand für Dich genäht werden.

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1-White, 2 Gold, 3-yellow, 4-vanilla, 5-Orange, 6-Pink 7-Pink soft, 8-Pink, 9-salmon, 10-Himberr Red, 11-Red, 12-pink, 13-violet, 14 light blue 15-turquoise, 16-mid-blue, 17-Blue 18-Apple green, 19-pastel-emerald-Green, 20-fir green, 21-Olive, 22-emerald Green, 23-dark blue, 24-Cherry-red, 25-Gold satin, 26-apricot, 27-amber, 28-flowers, pink, 29-flowers are colorful, 30-imitation leather silver, 31-imitation leather Rosé, 32-imitation Gold, 33-Paisley Gold, 34-Paisley silver, 35-Lind-Green, 36-Light stone grey-Beige


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