Diamant Lichtpriester-Ausbildung

LP1: 24.-26.2.23
LP2: 26-28.05.23
LP3: 14.-16.07.23
LP4: 22.-24.9.2023 findet mit Litios statt,

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The diamond light priest training is ideal for you if you

  • want to activate and strengthen the heart connection with your spiritual guidance
  • be energetically independent of other people
  • finally release old, polluting energy sources (e.g., Karma, manipulation, Ego) and make progress

Have you decided to follow your heart and walk the light path of your soul?
Do you want to use this as a training for your work?

Alle Infos zur Lichtpriester Ausbildung findest Du hier: https://aurareinigung-und-lichtkristalle.de/ausbildung/

Und im Flyer unter Anhang

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LP1: 24.-26.02.2023, LP2: 26-28.05.2023, LP3: 14.-16.07.2023, LP4: 22.-24.9.2023, Alle Termine


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