Merkaba activation with the Pegasus Unicorns and the All-One

15 minute Meditation with channeled light energies

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The Pegasus Unicorns easily bring along a rapid change.

Your Merkaba is activated and its glow restored.

Perfect for a short meditation in between to regain lightness and to invite more light into your day.

Congratulations, you're aware that you have a Merkaba, and you can activate it. If you choose this meditation, then this is going to happen with the wonderful support of the Pegasus Unicorns. What is special is that the meditation also activates the Crystal key points of your Merkaba. This will be like a liberation for you. For a full re-alignment of your Merkaba, I recommend an additional aura cleansing with special focus on your Merkaba 🌞.

You can book one here:

Aura Cleansing

You can learn more about the Merkaba of Ascension here: Merkaba of Ascension


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