Light crystals and Light Diamonds can have the following features:

  • They pull your Higher Self into you like a magnet
  • flood Aura and spaces with light energies
  • Make you feel alive and vibrant
  • harmonise technical radiations for example, electro-smog
  • Penetrate through all the chakras and bodies

How to use the Light Crystals most effectively:

  • during your meditations you can place them on your chakras or hold them in your hands
  • For the daily balancing and energizing your Aura you can wear them (on a necklace or in your pocket)
  • for a clear connection to the universe – my source of inspiration
  • to harmonise your apartment, your mobile phones, laptops and your water
  • to energizing your projects and your own business.

You can order your Light Crystal through my Online Shop - or by sending me a personal message


I will use my pendulum to find the perfect
Light Crystal or Light Diamond that supports you.

If you think now: "Yes, I would like to know more about my matching light crystal" then book your free phone consultation.


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Light crystals & Ligh diamonds with initiation

Some of the light crystals and Light diamonds (indicated in the shop) require an initiation ceremony, because it needs to be clarified in advance in which way this light instrument will impact your aura, without ripping your life apart at the seams.


An inauguration takes approximately 1.5-2 hours and can take place locally or online. Each chakra will be dowsed to see how it reacts to the respective light diamonds and what themes are emerging. The light crystal will support you in these topics and bring forth transformation.

We bring forth positive affirmations during this process, wherein the light diamond or light crystal helps to integrate and affirm.

At the end of the initiation a Channeling is read out loud, to understand why the light diamond or light crystal comes into your life and what energies will resonate with it, if you wear it in your Aura. After that, you will receive the Initiation Channeling in writing and also as a Video to listen to again and again and connect further. For the inauguration, it is helpful to have the light diamond or light crystal already with you.

The cost of an inauguration amounts to the same as an aura cleansing at 144€/ per 60 min.