Golden Mirror of Amenti

The Matrix of the Light Custodians of This Earth

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  • Power key to the Council of the 24 Wise Ones of Amenti
  • At-One with the matrix of the 24 Wise Ones, the light custodians of this Earth
  • The Council of the 24 Wise Ones are your mentors
  • You yourself will become a light custodian of this Earth
  • Transformation of Ego wishes and lusts
  • Light Master Thot transfers manifestation and creation powers over to you
  • Learn to elevate yourself above all control and social systems
  • Activate in you the next step of evolution in this humanity
  • Being in connection with the humanity and light cities of the Inner Earth
  • Intensive Grounding
  • purifies and illuminates especially the Earth Chakras
  • Portals to other incarnations are opened and you can lead these incarnations into harmony.

Light Master Thoth steps up to you and in great love to you, offers to be your teacher and mentor. He merges with you and transfers his manifestation and creation powers to you. These are Powers of Authorities out of his heart.

The Council of the 24 Wise Ones before the Throne with High Priest Melchizedek and the Council of the 24 Wise Ones in the Halls of Amenti with Light Master Thoth merge together in your heart. These 2 High Councils of light are the light custodians for heaven and light custodians for this Earth. In the matrix of their consciousness, you transform into a light custodian for this Earth and elevate yourself above all low vibrating control and social systems. In this way, guards of the old matrices lose their power over you.

The Golden Mirror of Amenti is a powerful, energetic mirror: It shows and amplifies energies of all kinds in you. On the one had, it shows you quickly and clearly your own issues that need transformation and on the other hand it amplifies and potentiates the light within you.

With diamond energization and initiation

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Material & Dimensions

High quality beveled glass ornament, crystal clear with gold coloured felt pad at the bottom

Diameter: 1-1/4 in. / 33 mm Height: 3-3/4 in. / 95 mm


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