Gate of Ascension diamond

The diamond Angel's Gate

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  • Creates a diamond gateway – a mighty, individual channel to your Higher Self
  • Connects you with the multidimensionality of your Being
  • Activates your infinite Divine creative potential
  • Assists you in lightfully integrating your lost, unredeemed aspects (dissolving karma)
  • Assists you in integrating and activating your higher light and master aspects
  • You are able to create diamond portals of light through deep meditations anywhere on Earth
  • You may help other people to enter into the channel of their Higher Self
  • Activate your diamond light vehicle "Merkaba" and your diamond light body
  • It connects and integrates you to the matrix of the Enlightened Ones and Avatars of all times
  • You will be directly and individually guided and trained by the Enlightened Ones
  • Helps you to transcend your ego consciousness

The Diamond Angel's Gate creates portals to the diamond plane, to the diamond temples of light and to the diamond portals in the universe. It will be adjusted individually by Metatron and the Enlightened Masters.

With diamond energization and initiation

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pink-and-green, violet-copper gold

Material & Dimensions

High-quality glass gate with a fine touch,
Faces of the brackets and angel figure lasered inside and
colored FROM coating lasered under the glass pedestal

Groß: Höhe: 175 mm / Breite: 110 mm / Tiefe: 50 mm
Klein: Höhe: 120 mm / Breite: 80 mm / Tiefe: 40 mm


Large (175mm), Small (120mm)


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