Heart of the Queen diamond

Sceptre of the Queen's Dignity

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Experience the presence of Lady Sanada!

  • The mighty heart key of Lady Nada, also known as Lady SaNada
  • The sceptre of the Queen's dignity is given back to you by Lady Nada
  • The beauty and loveliness of the feminine
  • The Dignity of the Female
  • Healing of the misused and humiliated femininity in you and through you on the Earth over time and space
  • Return to the inner throne of the goddess and Queen
  • Awakening of the divine feminine
  • The original purity and beauty is re-established
  • To elevate oneself above the human programming of man-woman The purest love frequency of the Goddess – the cosmic loved one
  • The purest love is the frequency of the goddess – The cosmic beloved
  • Healing power of love – holy unification
  • Attracting and radiating divine love
  • Being the purest receptacle of the Divine
  • Purest devotion and inner opening of the Heart Temple

Lady Nady, also known as Lady SaNada, is the cosmic mate of Lord Sananda and gives to you her heart key through this Light Diamond. The lost Queen's Sceptre is given back to you. As the rightful, dignified Regent you return back to your inner heart throne from which you were displaced. The power of the heart of Lady Nada heals all abuse, violence, humiliation and debasement of the feminine in you over time and space. Arise out of the dust of the millenniums and return back to the inner paradise of the Goddess from which you were banished.

With diamond energizing and Initicontrol.

Additional information

Clip Color

golden, silver

Material & Dimensions

High quality, brilliant, faceted ruby red zirconia heart comes with a bail for hanging

Length: 27mm / 1 in. Depth: 9 mm / 1/4 in.

Necklace and decoration are not included in the scope of delivery.


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