Pyramid of Manifestation

from the Holy Spirit

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Activate your Powers of Manifestation

  • A diamond light pyramid will be erected in the entire room
  • The Divine Flame "I AM" will be rekindled within you
  • Connection to the all-seeing Eye of God and the Lightlords of Primordial Creation
  • Activates your master consciousness
  • All projects and visions arising from your innermost being will be infused and enriched with the Divine Light of Primordial Creation
  • Manifestation will accelerate due to the concentration of light
  • This energy helps you to recognize ego wishes and to transform them
  • Puts you in the meta position

You will be surrounded by the diamond vibration of God's almightiness and All-love through Metatron's radiance. All your projects, plans and visions will be supported and enriched with the highest energy of light in harmony with All-That-Is. You will learn to be the Light Creator of your life, to take personal responsibility and to enter into the master frequency.

With diamond energization and initiation

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Material & Dimensions

High quality glass pyramid with 12 pointed star in the middle and golden Flower of Life at the bottom

Length at base: 2 in. / 50 mm Height: 1 in. / 25 mm

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