Dolphin Pendant mini

Light Devas protect Animals and Plants

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Your pets experience the companionship and protection of nature Devas!

  • Dolphin energy – Unicorn energy – Pegasus energy
  • The power of regeneration within nature
  • Protects animals
  • Harmony, mutual understanding and communication between animals and their owners
  • All animals are accompanied, harmonized and guided by a divine nature deva
  • The animal's personality evolves in an enlightening and holistic way
  • Plants will also be taken care of by the nature devas
  • Excellent for animals and plants

The unicorn "Sarai-Ala", a supreme nature deva from the Rainbow Sphere connects you with the Primordial Ray of fauna and flora.
Animals are accompanied by enlightened nature devas, they will be harmonized, guided and cleansed from negative extraneous energies – the same also goes for plants. The animal's personality evolves. It opens your awareness for the love to animals. Animals remember their true nature and abilities – they will be included in the evolution.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

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Material & Dimensions

Beautiful glass rondelle and one sky blue glass dolphin, with 2 drilled holes for fixing

Diameter: 3/4 in. / 20 mm Depth: 3/16 in. / 5 mm

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