Here you'll find light crystals and light diamonds from the house of ©Litios, beautiful Malas and energized canvas pictures. In addition, you can purchase your guided meditations, or book me for a coaching package.


Diamond Dragon Energy

6. June 2023

Dear Nadine,

A brief story about my new dragon medallion:Recently we went on vacation and at the reception during the check-in in to our small cozy hotel, that we had booked for the next couple of days, we reported that we had booked a date for a herbal hike. And with the same woman that we had booked a hike to a place of power some years ago, which has inspired us in a very tangible way. The receptionist explained to us immediately, where there are close to a power place of a sleeping dragon, and pointed to my medallion. We have been to this hotel five times already, and we never knew about it. Now we were told right at the time of check-in. Simply


Dietlind Rodehorst

Pegasus Unicorn Ball

2. March 2023

I've had the Pegasus crystal ball for a while now and every time I look at it, I receive the energy of these great star devas and I feel that I am accompanied by their presence.

I used you to the house of harmonisation and cleaning of the chakras. Especially in the bedroom I'm glad to be surrounded by them.

With the Pegasus unicorns, I can look at things better from the meta-position during meditation. And desired changes can come more quickly than expected.

Lucas Graner

Unicorn Pendant

19. May 2022

My light crystal, the unicorn medallion, accompanied me since a few months ago. At first, I was a bit skeptical whether of actual effectiveness, but the beautifully crafted medallion with the delicate shade of Lilac convinced me then.

Wenn ich es in die Hand nehme, muss ich ganz automatisch lächeln – so viel Licht und Freude steckt darin.

I use it mostly in the morning for Meditation, (along with my Mala) and wear it for a few hours to allow the stored energy to absorb.

Patricia G.

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