Diamond Egg of the Goddess (with initiation only)

Creation Temple of the Goddess

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Creation Temple of the Goddess

  • Enter the Light Temple of Goddess Isis
  • Being connected with the light frequency of the Primordial Goddesses
  • The Goddess light frequency of love, compassion, beauty, harmony, new creation, new birth and grace activates itself in you
  • energetic cleansing and liberation of your creation organs (by woman as well as men), which means your creation organs, over time and space: Karma and programming are resolved –
  • the Goddess erects a Creation Temple in your sacral chakra
  • the holy diamond flame of new birth and new creation ignites itself in you
  • the Goddess ignites her creation power and manifestation power in you
  • she transfer the purest primordial creation codes of Adam Kadmon and Lilith down to the cell level of the creation organs
  • the energy of the original Garden of Eden
  • The Goddess within you awakens

You enter into a wonderful vibration of the Diamond Temple of the High Priestess Isis and her Temple Priestesses. You are surrounded by the Light Council of the Goddesses and felt the Divine Presence of her diamond flame. Here you receive a deep cleansing and liberation over time and space from low vibrating entities and faulty programming of your creation organs and your creation temple. The purest primordial creation coding are ignited and transferred down to the level of your quantum. It is the energy of the original Garden of Eden – the Goddess within you awakens!

With diamond energization and initiation

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The Diamond Egg of the Goddess is only available during the seminar "The Goddess Within You Awakens" with an initiation meditation or through an initiation during a 1:1 Session
1. Übergabe des Diamant-Eis der Göttin nur bei Teilnahme am Seminar „Die Göttin in dir erwacht“. Dort finden eine intensive Vorbereitung und Einweihungsmeditation statt.
2. Qualifizierte Einweihung in Form einer intensiven Einzelsitzung durch eine*n Litios-Berater*in

Material & Dimensions

High quality, hand shaped glass egg in emerald green with a hole for a string for hanging

Height: 45 mm / Width: 35 mm


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