Ashtar Sphere diamond

The Starship of Adonai Ashtar

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Experience the presence of Ashtar and your lightful star brothers and sisters!

  • Activation of your personal diamond light vehicle, the "Merkaba"
  • Releasing and harmonizing all extraterrestrial programs and manipulations
  • Diamond light connections to the Heart Diamond and Light Matrix of Adonai Ashtar
  • Downloading current light plans of the Star Brothers and Sisters for the Earth into your aura and consciousness
  • Being accompanied by Star Masters
  • Dissolving extraterrestrial karma through time and space
  • Creating channels of light for our planet Earth
  • Creating channels to other stars and planets of light
  • Your spiritual journeys will intensify
  • Light ships establish contact and touch Earth

The Star and Space Brothers and Sisters of the Light, the Intergalactic Brotherhood, will joyfully connect with you. They will help you to expand your brain functions and your awareness of the Light.
They will reactivate your personal star codes and light connections to all suns and planets of the Light as well as the Light-Body-Process within you. You will experience divine guidance and all your spiritual journeys will intensify.

With diamond energization and initiation

Additional information

Material & Dimensions

High-quality, crystal-clear glass ball with laser figure "Three star ships".
delivered with a stainless steel ring as a stand

Diameter: 2-3/8 in. / 60 mm

Safety information: Warning! Please do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not place on a burnable surface.


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