Dragon Sphere Merialon

Golden Master Dragons accompany you

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Experience the presence of the Golden Master Dragons!

  • Dragons are supreme light devas
  • Dragons are golden bringers of luck
  • They transfer their power, strength, courage and self-confidence to you
  • They protect you
  • Endow you with the power of creation and manifestation
  • The energy of the dragon supports you in the Manifestation of your ideas
  • Excellent grounding
  • Awakening of the Kundalini power
  • To overcome the last hurdle of fear, mastering fear
  • Dragons are guardians and companions to cross the final threshold

"Merialon", the golden dragon king, the bearer of God's living, primordial Flame of Creation fills your aura and rooms with powerful, warming vibrations. He assists you in overcoming and mastering yor core fears. He rekindles the Holy Flame within you unleashing the power of creation and manifestation.
Dragons are mighty protectors and they look for the pureness of your heart – they are especially devoted to children and pure, child-like souls awakening this purity within you.
Children love the strength and power of dragons – they feel strong and self-confident.
Dragons accompany you to cross the threshold to new dimensions of awareness.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

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Material & Dimensions

High-quality, crystal-clear glass ball with laser character "dragon".
delivered with a stainless steel ring as a stand

Diameter: 3-1/8 in. / 80 mm

Safety information: Warning! Please do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not place on a burnable surface.

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