Lotus Sphere

The Lotus of mother earth

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Experience the presence of mother earth!

  • The Lotus of Mother Earth is the key to the heart of Lady Gaia's Throne Room
  • Opens the Lotus-flower in all the chakras
  • Golden grounding and crystal clear rooting
  • Feeling loved, accepted and welcome on Earth
  • Easily root yourself in new places and while travelling
  • Cure homesickness
  • Being in harmony with All-That-Is in creation and feeling deep love for it
  • Deeply sensing creation – being connected with the entire creation
  • The joy of being and Life Affirmation
  • Dissolves karma and disharmonies through time and space
  • Activates the manifestation powers of Mother Earth within you

The crystal clear Lotus arises from the heart, from the Throne Room, of Earth and unfolds in your Root Chakra and your entire consciousness. It provides all possibilities for terrestrial manifestation.
The Lotus of Mother Earth merges with you and leads you to harmony with All-That-Is on this planet. You will receive golden grounding and you may lovingly connect with Lady Gaia everywhere on Earth.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

Additional information

Material & Dimensions

High-quality, crystal-clear glass ball with laser figure - "Lotus".
delivered with a stainless steel ring as a stand

Diameter: 3-1/8 in. / 80 mm

Safety information: Warning! Do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not place on a burnable surface.


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PDF description Lotus Sphere

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