Jesus Sananda ignites a Golden Flame of his heart in you.

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Experience the presence of Jesus Sananda!

  • Jesus Sananda ignites a Golden Flame of his heart in you.
  • He ignites be Christ's light in the darkest place and in the darkest time in you
  • He leads you out of darkness, confusion, and Distress
  • He redeems the pain of separation, abandonment, and loneliness
  • You are aware: I am safe, protected and cared for by the Divine.
  • All lethargy falls from you and Jesus brings you the spirit of optimism in your heart
  • The light wins. Christ is victorious forever!
  • The sun of the Golden age is in you
  • Jesus Sananda gives you Confidence and speaks to your soul: The Golden age is already there

Jesus Sananda, the true heart-master, in your presence. He gives you a Golden flame of his heart, in your heart. He speaks to your soul: "The Golden age is already there." The new Golden age of the Christ is born of consciousness in your heart.

Concerns and needs of the current time falls away from you, because Jesus brings you the joy, the peace, the security and the Confidence of the sky.

Jesus Sananda leads you out of darkness, confusion, and Distress. You can re-radiant rise and you know: "I'm recovered, led, and supplied from the Divine."

Jesus Sananda speaks about the Golden Christ light:

"I'm going to give you a Christ-pearl, a Golden flame in my heart, in your heart.
It's my Christ ignites the light in your soul."

Crystalline energization and initiation.

The Golden Christ light is small and yet very powerful
You can do it individually, in a 3-Set, or as earrings purchase.

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Material & Dimensions

Material: top Quality glass bead with fine-cut facets and coating. At the upper end of the trailer, a gold shiny Eyelet is attached, which is designed for the suspension. The Eyelet is made of gold-plated tombac (a brass-copper alloy).

Diameter: 11 mm length: 20 mm


3er-Set, Ohrringe Gold


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