Spiritual training full channelings and light crystal knowledge

The next Diamond Light Priest/ess Training starts on 16.02.2024 in my studio in Minden!

Here are the dates:

LP1 16.-18.2.24
LP2 17.-19.5.24
LP3 28.-30.6.24
LP4 13.-15.9.24 with Litios

You learn to clean your Aura and those of others🙂

The diamond light priest training is ideal for you if you

  • want to activate and strengthen the heart connection with your spiritual guidance
  • be energetically independent of other people
  • finally release old, polluting energy sources (e.g., Karma, manipulation, Ego) and make progress

Have you decided to follow your heart and walk the light path of your soul?
Do you want to use this as a training for your work?

With the help of the Angels and the Ascended Masters you will learn to recognize low vibrational energies, to transform and illuminate them. After this training, you can do this on your own at any time.


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“It's time to develop your true Light Potential
and to give it to the earth!” 

 The objective of the training is the activation of your full light potential.

This happens in three steps:

1) Opening the Energetic Circle
You realize the low-vibrating energies in your aura (e.g. Karma, your own blockages, foreign energies)

2) Liberation & Transformation
These low-vibrating energies are transformed with the help of your spirit guides, foreign energies are released

3) Clearing & spiritual progress
The energies in your light body are harmoniously balanced and raised full of light.
Now you can take the next step in your spiritual journey, full of joy and power.

This training makes you independent
After each training you will receive a seminar workbook, worksheets, and a meditation CD, or a download of the guided meditations. With these materials you can practice and repeat all exercises independently.

If, after the training, for example, a karmic issue arises, you can complete one of the practical exercises with the accompanying meditation to release the karma. Thus, you become independent and a Master of Light yourself.

What will you learn during the Diamond Light Priest Training?

  • You will be given a crystal clear technique in form of the Intuitive Light Body Reading, to evaluate the state of the chakras and energy bodies intuitively and be able to harmonize them.
  • You will learn to ascertain who or what is blocking you up to now and is hindering you to go into your own power. Once you are freed and independent of old manipulations, then advancements in your life become quickly visible.
  • Practical exercises and powerful clearings and meditations together with the highly energized Litios Light Crystals bring you to a new level of awareness, clarity and consciousness.
  • Angels and Ascended Masters work directly in your Light Bodies and accompany you. This reactivates and expands your talents and abilities. You yourself will experience this transformation and cleansing throughout the seminar.

In the course of the training, you will receive direct guidance of Light Lord Metatron, High priest Melchizedek, and Lord Sananda.
They will transfer their divine powers and their light potential to you, by engraving you with the Divine Matrix.
Your personal heart connection is activated and deepened to contact your spirit guides, angels, goddesses, Ascended Masters, avatars, star brothers and sisters and light devas and deepens
Your higher light consciousness and your divine life plan anchor themselves in the Here and Now.

It is required to complete the Pendulum Seminar before joining the Light Priest Training.

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