The best thing about an Aura cleansing is that you can spend most of the time lying down in a relaxed position and just enjoy this light treatment. In addition, I work with a huge team of light beings from the spiritual world, who exude a lot of clarity and compassion, and thus much of this can of course be recognized on a whole different level and be transformed into light and love in the body and in the Aura.

In the following video (German) I describe what is an Aura Cleansing, how it works and what comes to light during such a session.: 

An aura cleaning to me is a profound therapeutic treatmentthat brings forward any current energy-sapping life issues into your consciousness, which are then clarified through light and- completely without getting caught up in small details

An aura cleanding takes about 1.5-2 hours, and everything happens only for the highest good of you and all the people. You will only be faced with as much as you can comfortably handle.

An aura cleansing is suitable for you, if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • physical complaints, such as back pain and headaches
  • Sleep disorders
  • negative beliefs like I'm not good enough, I don't deserve this, others are better than me, I cannot do this
  • Conflicts with colleagues, supervisors, family members
  • You want to accomplish something but cannot achieve it
  • You feel empty and without motivation
  • You are not able to find rest
  • diffused emotions, as if you are not living your own life

In order to continue with the work after an aura cleansing, I usually recommend a light crystal, which supports you in your transformation and which, when worn, is continually increasing the energy in your aura.

For many, even if they could not think of it in the run-up correctly, the tangible contact with the Spiritual world and to your spirit guides, the show during the aura cleaning, a huge joy and a broadening of horizons. Because since these beings of light can be called at any time and can do a lot to active support in everyday life.

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The aura photographs of before and after of an aura cleansing, clearly show the negative thoughts and blockages as black spots before the treatment and which then are transformed into light.

That's why afterwards you feel relieved, clear and more balanced.


An Aura Cleansing improves the flow of energy within you. It re-aligns your energies, clears old blockades and can help your with your body-mind-system.

  • Releasing you of self-doubt and self-criticism
  • Detecting internal struggles and conquering any self-sabotage
  • Dissolving emotional patterns and moods
  • To better deal with conflicts and power struggles in your careers and relationships
  • Releasing yourself from destructive behavioural patterns
  • Redeeming you from phobias and compulsions
  • Learning to cope with trauma and unresolved experiences or losses
  • Dissolving personal and family entanglements
  • Identifying the cause of physical ailments and chronic diseases to better understand how they can be alleviated
  • activating your self-healing powers

You will learn (positive effects, which you can experience):

  • To increase your energy level
  • To strengthen your self-confidence
  • to act more goal-oriented
  • To create space for happiness, joy and lightness
  • To experience deep inner peace
  • To be in balance and to act from it
  • to strengthen your ability to perceive (and to feel)
  • To invite more spirituality into your life
  • To experience spirituality and to integrate it as support into your life
  • To create a meditative state of self
  • who your spirit guides are, eg, ascended masters, goddesses, angels, nature devas)
  • to use the light crystal energies for you and integrate it into your daily life

The voice of my clients:

"I could physically feel the Aura Cleansing by Nadine, even though she never touched me during the treatment. It felt like my body was re-aligned and returned to a flow.

In some Chakras I was experiencing visions of my ancestors. Some times I saw beautiful colors and was able to experience light flowing into me and releasing me of physical pains. I also found it very interesting that I was able to feel every light crystal and light diamond that Nadine was putting on my body.body legTheir different characteristics and energies were clearly perceptible.

When she laid the pink Avatar Diamond - which exudes motherly love - on my heart, I could feel warmth flooding through me and was able to feel the light flooding all the way to the soles of my feet. I'm still shaken by this experience.

I am happy to accompany you on your next transformation steps.
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