Do you sometimes ask yourself:

  • "How did I get myself into this?"
  • Why is this always happening to me?
  • I now feel neither good nor ... What's gone wrong?
  • "Is this now my Intuition, which I'm experiencing as an Inner voice or is this just a mental construct - a thought pattern - that is in my subconscience ?“

Then, you're usually already in a situation in which it is crucial to find the difference between the two.

A subconscious thought pattern makes you respond in a strange way and puts you in just these kind of situations.
An important step on the way to learn to trust your intuition again, is to recognize this difference.

A Consulting-Channeling is a combination of Coaching in connection with your spirit guides. For current issues of everyday life or issues that occur during a major transititon,decisions can be made much easier if we are in tune with our higher Self.

A personal Coaching-Channeling uncovers old programs, that hinder you from fulfilling your dreams and re-aligns you.

With this new path, your intuition can be perceived more clearly. Thus, your next steps will then become visible, and their implementation will be so much easier without falling into old, crippling patterns of thought.