You deserve to love your life!

Have you become aware, that an inspiring and accompanying coaching can be a smart decision during h intense times, in order to break old patterns?

How can a transformation package help you?

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Improve grounding

Transform Generational Karma

Release Topics around Money



Inner child healing

Pleasure & Enjoyment

Each transformation package includes

  • 2 intense Aura & Chakra clearings 1:1 with me online or live in my practice in Minden, within one month (incl. Video recordings for repeating)
  • an accompanying Meditation for regular listening
  • 3 inspirations and answers via WhatsApp in between
  • a light crystal recommendation, which supports you optimally in your process.

During our Sessions, and also in the WhatsApp Coaching, you will receive concrete tips or practical recommendations for action, as you work with and let go of your topic on all levels.

The price for this wonderful transformation package is still at 800 € (Payment by installments is possible)


Your grounding can often stand on shaky legs. Various things rob you of your power and your self-confidence and then you're tired and stay in a bad situation, because you've lost your trust in a better future.

And either you don't treat yourself to a little relaxation or you just don't have the strength to change just a couple of bad habits?

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Then dive with me deeply, and release the blockages and hidden fears, which keep you from firmly planting your feet on the earth and to move forward confidently. Are you ready to leave your past behind you, and take the first steps of change?

Relase Generational Karma

You feel, that the topics that weigh on your shoulders, are not just your own. Old fears of the generations before you are tugging on you, taking over your sub-conscious and influence your decisions and your life.

Now is the time, to dig deeper, by entering my protected, loving space and to learn about the most important family karma topics and to transform them with the light of the universe.

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There's a lot to let go of what holds you back, in order to go to the next steps in your life.

Find and resolve issues, fears, beliefs, ... which you might have in common with your mother and father and their ancestral lines. Then you can enjoy your new power and freedom.

Money & Lack

Money is just not your friend. It melts away in your hands and many times it is simply not available, in order to fulfil your wishes. You have to work a lot and hard for your money, it was always like that, because nothing is given to you for free.

Do you recognize this sentence from yourself: “Ich brauche ja auch nicht viel zum Leben”?  At the same time, a lot of things in your life revolve around saving some more or cutting some costs?

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You talk a lot about not having enough money, how much things cost, how expensive everything is, what you cannot buy with your money. And actually, you'd like to have more money to spend on your health?

Then start to change that now by revealing and transforming hidden money blockages with me.


You can do a lot and have to work hard everyday, because without you nothing gets done? You are longing for the next holiday, which is still too far away?

And at the same time, you know that too much stress is unhealthy and weakens your immune system. Still, you think you cannot afford relaxation and rest with that to-do list that you have?? You're often exhausted and tense, and suffer from tension in the back?

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Then it is time to prioritize your relaxation and to remove the old patterns and fears from your system, which are keeping you from doing the important things in a relaxed manner and to recognize the unimportant stuff and to delegate them. Only you hold the key for more peace and quiet.

It's about boundaries, more SAYING NO, about self-responsibility and the importance of your recovery in everyday life.

Ready to Relax?


You love your partner and can still remember the honeymoon days at the beginning. In the meantime, however, routine has entered and a lot of things are bothering you.

You realize how you become more irritated and frustrated. In-depth and constructive communication with your partner seems hard. You have certain expectations of your partner, but are no longer met or only moderately, if at all?

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Too often, you give in or stay still, otherwise it will be worse. You don't feel safe and secure and valued. You sometimes think about separation.
But before you give up, You want to be sure, you tried everything for the love in your life.

You want to detect something in you and resolve what has brought you in this tricky situation, and to be more in the FLOW of love?

Inner child healing

In your childhood injuries have been caused, which still have an impact on your life today. Your inner child wants to again, be free, be loved and feel understood, and to be seen.

However, in the past, you were not seen, felt, understood, and loved, like you needed it. You were, for example, often left alone and not feeling protected and secure.

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Trauma happens, and still you're carrying the feelings and fears of it in your body. And this must now be brought into your consciousness and transformed, so that you can live a free and balanced life in the future.

Do you want to unleash your Inner Child and feel them again?

Cultivate JOY, pleasure & ENJOYMENT

Your life is running smoothly, but in some areas you feel that something is missing. Where is the pure pleasure gone? You know that in the area of sexual pleasure, there is still a lot to discover for you, but you kind of have some inhibitions and don't know where they come from and why there's no more going on.

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Do you remember ecstatic dance nights, or the depth of joy you felt as a child, and you wish for this condition in your life right now?

Do you want more deep laughs, from the heart, all giggly, and a smile that breaks out from inside? And everything that's holding you back, to almost burst with joy, you want to recognize and let go of?

Are You ready?

Through my years of experience Through my many years of experience working in the spiritual and energy field, it has become more and more clear to me, that in times of intense transformation an equally intense coaching is required. If I did not use them or believed that I can do it all on my own or it's not worth the money, I have refused myself a very important part. Thus it usually took longer, was more stressful, unnerving and sometimes not even succesfull. Today, I'm a friend of the easier and faster way of an intense transformation coaching.

If you are ready, to take your Transformation in your own hands and to be continuosly re-aligned and re-directed, then I am looking forward to take you by the hand and lead you on this path. To accompany you in your next steps, to inspire and uplift.