Spiritual Healing with the Archangels

A training in 3 parts

In this intensive Archangel Training, you will experience a powerful increase in your light and love frequency. The Archangels will accompany, guide and support you throughout the training.

Here are the dates:

Part 1 – 01.-03.03.2024
Part 2 – 19.-21.04.2024

Part 3 – 05.-07.07.2024

In each part of the seminar, four Archangels will introduce themselves personally. You will receive intensive heart contact with each individual Archangel.

You will experience how the Archangels raise you into their light vibration and transfer their powers and qualities to you.

You will learn how to transmit the light and healing frequencies of the Archangels to the physical level and thus help other people.

You will learn how to meditate most effectively with the Archangels, cleanse your aura and release negativity in the process.


Participation either in my private practice in Minden or online via Zoom


You attended one of these seminars: "dowsing seminar" or "Workshop for beginners" or "diamond light priest*ess training part 1"


Part 1: 485,00 €
Part 2: 485,00 €
Part 3: 530,00 €

Experience a Training like being in 7th Heaven

The Archangels you will encounter are:

Archangel Michael

Sapphire Blue Color Ray

Aligns you with the Divine Source. Frees you from black magic and negative vibrations down to the cellular level.

Archangel Gabriel

White Color Ray

Brings you the highest purity and realization on all levels. Gives you heavenly messages and activates your divine talents.

Archangel Jophiel

Yellow Color Ray

Activates the radiance of the divine sun within you and ignites enlightenment in every cell.

Archangel Raphael

Emerald Green Color Ray

Gives you divine healing power down to the physical level and helps you in love relationships.

Archangel Chamuel

Pink Color Ray

Gives you divine love in all relationships.

Archangel Uriel

Ruby Red Color Ray

Ignites the primordial fire of God's heart within you and guides you into the depths of your soul.

Archangel Zadkiel

Violet Color Ray

Activates transformation down to the cellular level. Gives you forgiveness and karmic release over time and space.

Archangel Aquariel

Atlantis Blue Color Ray

Activates your talents and abilities. Ignites your spiritual evolution on a higher dimension.

Archangel Anthriel

Magenta Color Ray

Gives you the healing power of Christ's love and the light of Christ in your cells.

Archangel Valeoel

Golden Color Ray

Activates the golden stream of abundance, prosperity, fortune and grace.

Archangel Perpetiel

Peach-orange color Ray

Leads you into self-empowerment and activates your true calling.

Archangel Omniel

Opal Color Ray

Brings you the OM of the universe and the completion of your evolutionary cycle.

Archangel Metatron

Crystal Clear-Color Ray

Builds a powerful portal of light within you to Ain Soph and the Archangel Spheres. The Archangel light realms are united in the Light Portal.

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