Flower of Life Aura Healing Disc

Window into Higher Light Dimensions

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Experience the presence of Archangel Metatron and the Crystal Angels!

  • Establishes a mighty window of light to the higher light dimensions
  • Serves as a valuable teaching instrument to expand your perception and lightful abilities
  • Enhance visions and spiritual seeing and increases your intuition
  • Harmonise your chakras and built a flower-of-life-light-field bodies in your Power
  • You feel inner Balance
  • Closes, harmonizes and heals the energy of holes, cracks, crevices and injuries in your Aura
  • Erects a powerful spiritual wall of light in your aura and also protects you from technical or spiritual irradiation
  • Harmonizes and closes connections to low vibrating dimensional in your aura

Place the aura harmonization disc on your heart chakra and the mighty angel custodians of this light instrument will help to awaken and expand your perception and your lightful abilities in a protected space.
It opens light windows in your aura. At the same time, it closes energetic holes, gaps or tears in the aura through which your life force and energy can drain away from you. Your aura once again feels perfectly harmonious, round and soft flowing. Missing energy is returned, surplus energy is balanced out. You feel the inner balance.
Your aura is healed in the light of the angels and a Flower of Life light field arises in you. The Flower of Life in you brings about perfect harmony and resonance with illuminated beings, to which you can now easily take up contact.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

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Material & Dimensions

High quality, brilliant coloured glass with AB coating Design: Angel in Flower of Life Available colours: The production process allows for minor variations in the colour layer ranging between red/orange and blue/violet.

Diameter: 80 mm / glass thickness: 4 mm


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