Evolutionary Spiral

Light information of the primordial creation

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Feel the presence of Archangel Metatron!

  • Connects you with God's divine primordial thought – the primordial spiral nebulae of the galaxies
  • Your whole being remembers the original information, the origin of creation
  • The Alpha – rekindles the "Let There Be Light" within yous
  • The 12 strand genesis spiral is being activated on all planes
  • Connection to the cosmic carrier wave, the higher octaves of evolution
  • Evolution, the quantum leap within you
  • The re-information of the cells on all planes

Archangel Metatron lovingly puts the divine primordial impulse into this Evolutionary Spiral. The purest archetype of Man, the "Adam Kadmon" will be awakened. The "Light from True Light" is put within you. The Flame of Creation within you will be lit. You remember God's Primordial Light which connects you with the harmony and symphony of the entire universe.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

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Material & Dimensions

Elongated glass rod with 12 left-rotating engraved spirals, with a stainless steel fastening for wearing on a chain or cord

Diameter: 1/4 in. / 7 mm Length: 2-1/2 in. / 6.5 cm

Necklace and decoration are not included in the scope of delivery.


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