Golden Fulfillment deluxe

Duration: 6 Months

15.000,00  *

This is the deluxe version of your individually adapted transformation coaching to fulfill your goal.

To make it a daily practice is inherent for the success of this deluxe package. Through my presence and my Light Energy I support your daily steps in achieving your highest goal, while also helping you clear out any obstacles you might encounter along the way. Thus, you are learning how to increase your energies and frequencies every day.

Included in 6 month coaching:

  • Daily alignment to your highest intention and clearing of any blockages
  • 8 intensive 2h aura cleanings for the liberation of deep-seated and particularly stubborn blockages
  • 3 guided 21-day meditation processes with made-for-you guided meditations for daily listening
    for a clear focus and energy
  • Meditation coaching for daily practice
  • Zu Beginn und auch innerhalb des Programms bekommst du Lichtkristallempfehlungen als weitere lichtvolle Unterstützung deines Energiefeldes und deiner Projekte zum Schutz und zur Expansion (weitere Infos zu Lichtkristallen hier)

Are you ready to finally go all the way for your goals?
Then book your individual transformation coaching GOLDEN FULLFILLMENT DELUXE now.
to achieve your previously defined goals,

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