Merkaba of Ascension gold

The Vehicle of Ascension - gold-plated

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  • Creates a Merkaba field of light around your entire house
  • Activates your own light vehicle, the Merkaba
  • Serves the whole planet Earth in its ascension process
  • The light will reach many people and houses, it will envelope Earth
  • You will be transformed into illuminated beings of the New Age
  • The Merkaba takes you on journeys beyond time, space and light
  • it sets you free and makes you unassailable
  • You feel the presence of your Divinity
  • You are accompanied by Crystal Angels and Ascended Masters

In his infinite love, Lightlord Metatron gives you and the whole planet Earth the gift of his light, initiating your ascension and mastership. Ascended Masters, Metatron and many angels imbue it with their vibration, thus flooding yous with their divine energies and accelerating the spinning of your star tetrahedron.

Therefore, this Merkaba assists you and the whole planet in the ascension process. One light will awaken the other and so forth ... It is a direct channel of light to Oneness, to the Divine Merkaba, to Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters.

With diamond energization and initiation

Additional information

Material & Dimensions

This Merkaba of Ascension is made of high quality glass and gold-plated rods with extraordinary love, joy and great attention to detail. A freely hanging faceted sphere of crystal glass forms the core. Comes with wire for hanging.

Overall height: approx. 18 in. / 45 cm

The color of the balls is freely selectable
The design can be installed with Stainless steel or
gold-plated stainless steel rods to be chosen

Each piece is unique
Delivery Time 2-3 Months


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