Merkaba Sphere diamond

The Merkaba Light Field of the Enlightened Ones

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  • The Merkaba of Lightlord Metatron and the Enlightened Ones envelops you
  • The presence of the Enlightened Ones in your aura
  • Amplifies your own radiating light presence
  • Leads you into the meta-position of the Enlightened Ones
  • Purifies, heals and reactivates your Merkaba light field
  • Works over time and space: leads you there to where you wish (eg. to the source of a situation, to another dimension or time)
  • Calls in and allows you to be one with a light being that you wish to have accompany you
  • Opens within you powerful light realms to receive the light thoughts of God as well as the grace and healing frequencies that you desire
  • Creates powerful, vibrant fields of light over time and space
  • Multiplies divine light fields, expands and sends them outwards
  • Strengthens illuminated resonances and acts as a magnet: intensifies illuminated acts of fate and experiences, draws your golden future magnetically towards you, eases and illuminates your divine life path, draws in higher consciousness of light into your presence
  • Achieve the quantum leap in your next octave of consciousness.

Metatron and the Enlightened Ones powerfully lower their activated light vehicle into your light body. They enwrap you, purify, heal and reactivate your Merkaba light body. In this way they guide you on your evolutionary path to master your earthly issues and your consciousness. The quantum leap in your next octave of consciousness is activated with ease.

With diamond energization and initiation

Additional information

Material & Dimensions

High quality, crystal clear glass sphere with a Merkaba lasered in the centre, delivered with a stainless steel ring as stand

Diameter: 60 mm / 2-3/8 in.

Safety information: Warning! Please do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not place on a burnable surface.


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