Ashtar Key Chain

Light Matrix of the star family

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Experience the presence of Ashtar and your lightful star brothers and sisters!

  • Key chain for contact to the higher vibrating races of light and to the lightful Star Brothers and Sisters
  • Light Matrix of the star family
  • Activates the Divine consciousness matrix of the cosmic brothers and sisters of light in your aura
  • Your crystalline light body will radiate in highest purity
  • The brothers and sisters of light from your star family accompany you
  • Programmings and manipulations from dark extraterrestrial energies will be cleared, released and dissolved
  • A protective field, an activated field of light, surrounds you
  • Lightful accompaniment for spiritual and earthly journeys
  • Harmonizes technical radiation of all kinds (e.g., electro smog) in rooms or in your aura

The lightful Star Brothers and Sisters of the higher vibrating races of light from the "Intergalactic Confederation" will connect with you in great joy.
The Star Brothers and Sisters help you to activate your Light Matrix and ignite the spark of your higher light consciousness. They reactivate your personal cosmic roots and ray connections to all suns, stars and planets of light as well as your Light Body Process. You will be lightfully accompanied and your spiritual journeys will be intensified.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

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Material & Dimensions

High quality oval shaped glass pendant with finely cut facets and laser figure "Three star ships". At the upper end of the crystal, LED lighting, and a key ring with chain attached.
The product comes with three batteries (button cell SR621SW) are included.

Length of the glass pendant: 35 mm / total length: 115 mm / width: 28 mm / depth: 11 mm


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