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Diamond flame of eternal life

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  • Being connected with Lightlord Metatron and St. Germain, the Master of Light
  • The holy diamond flame of eternal, divine life will be rekindled within you
  • Activates the highest light vibration of transformation and transcendence
  • Transfers the highest frequency of light, healing and grace even to the cellular level
  • The divine consciousness awakens even at the cellular level
  • Following your diamond path
  • Activates the Diamond Light Vehicle, the Merkaba
  • The Diamond Light Body awakens
  • Transcendence of the ego consciousness
  • Lightness embraces and elates you
  • Letting go of the old system of values and "ascending" towards all-embracing, unconditional love

You step into the energy of the saints, diamond flame of eternal life and will be lit up on the cellular level.D do you feel the divine presence of the diamond violet flame. The glory and the divine presence surround you, are you. The consciousness of your cells is activated in higher light frequency.You will enter the energy of the holy diamond flame of eternal live and be rekindled even at the cellular level – you will feel the divine presence of the diamond purple flame – the magnificence and the divine presence is within you. Your cell consciousness will be continuously activated at a higher light frequency – divine harmony will be transferred to your consciousness and down to the cellular level.

Especially suitable for periods of transition, change or giving your life a new turn.

With diamond energization and initiation

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Material & Dimensions

High quality, finely cut, faceted zirconia diamond in amethyst

Diameter: 2 in. / 50 mm


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