Dolphin Pendant

Radiance of the Sirian Dolphin Devas

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Experience the presence of the Sirian Dolphin Devas!

  • Pure dolphin energy
  • Gently harmonizing emotions
  • Harmonization and purification of waters
  • For a good night's sleep and wonderful dreams
  • Very calming for children
  • Awakens and heals your free inner child
  • For harmony and communication in all relationships
  • Causes movement in the mind and in the heart
  • The love of the animal and awakens in you is rich and creation, oneness with creation
  • Connection to all nature devas
  • Particularly suitable for animals and all of nature
  • Harmony and mutual understanding between animals and their owners
  • Energetic harmonization and cleaning of all waters
  • You can do higher-level energy work for the earth, for example, for the rivers and seas of the world
  • The fluids in your body are energetically cleaned and harmonized
  • Brings energy to compensate for all the opposites in you, such as male and female, left-and right-brain and the body, paired organs such as the kidneys

Ein strahlendes Lichtportal öffnet sich und die sirianischen Delfindevas strömen zu tausenden ein in deine Präsenz. Wirbelnd und tanzend umwogen und umströmen sie dich mit ihren liebevollen engelsgleichen Schwingungen. Sie kommunizieren mit dir und erfüllen deine Seele mit ihrem Licht, ihrer Freude und Leichtigkeit. Crystalline energization and initiation.

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Material & Dimensions

High-quality glass lens with finely cut facets and real gold inlay "Jumping dolphins".
The top includes a bail enables for hanging. The bail consists of gold-plated pure silver (925).

Diameter: 1-1/4 in. / 3.3 cm Depth: 3/16 in. / 4 mm

Necklace and decoration are not included in the scope of delivery.


aquamarine, Indigo blue, crystal clear


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