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The eternal OM of the universe - The Breath of God

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Litios Emergency Essence for Energetic Shocks in the Aura

  • You are one with the Breath of God
  • The primordial tone of the universe activates itself in you
  • Ascended Masters such as Sai Baba and Babaji, who are completely at one with the OM, surround you and radiate in your innerness
  • The OM elevates you above the illusionary matrices
  • You flow in the harmonic rhythm of eternity
  • The OM breathes life into your chakras and energy bodies and awakens them to new life
  • The OM leads you from the external world into your true eternal being, into your innerness and centres you
  • Calm, peace and tranquility spreads outwards
  • Instills balance, harmony and relaxation
  • Dissonant vibrations are guided into the divine resonance, hecticness and stress of time recedes
  • Redeems trauma and shock frequencies, invokes calmness in unsettling situations like stage fright transcends your ego consciousness
  • Transcends your ego consciousness
  • Assists you into deeper meditations.

A mighty portal opens up. The Breath of God rises out of the eternal primordial source. It flows through you wave upon wave. The Golden OM of the Universe elevates you over time and space and breathes life into you. The Golden Breath of the Heart of God permeates you and leads you into a state of calm, tranquillity and eternal being

Everlasting Essence (Refillable):
You can refill the bottle at all times with distilled or purified water: Unscrew the spray head to refill with distilled or purified water, ask for the presence of Babaji and Sai Baba and allow the water to be energized for 1-2 minutes

With diamond energization and initiation

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Material & Dimensions

High quality clear glass bottle with golden bottom plate, finely cut with lasered Litios Logo, sandblasted OM design, with 3 crystal clear brilliant zirconia diamonds

Size: 3-1/2 x 2-3/4 x 2 in. / 8 x 7 x 5 cm Volume: 1 ounce / 30 ml

1 review for Goldene OM-Essenz (Nachfüllbar)

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    Lucas Graner

    Die Om Essenz lässt mich auf atmen und minimiert negative Strukturen bzw. Gedankenmuster. Vor dem Schlafen gehen hilft sie mir meine Gedanken zu beruhigen und wieder lichtvoll auszurichten. Auch Räume fühlen sich nach dem Sprühen besser und “Entspannter” an.

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