Pegasus Sphere diamond

Experience the enchantment of the light devas

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Experience the enchantment of the light devas

  • Experience the presence of the Pegasus Unicorns!
  • Pegasus Unicorns are angelic Star Devas that connect you with light-filled star worlds and the cosmos
  • They cleanse and free your body on an energetic level, especially your lungs, your spinal column and therefore also your prana tube
  • Purify your energy channels on the subtle level
  • They free you from the heaviness of the Earth, eg. from everything that feels heavy, exhausting and emotionally oppressive for you.
  • They lead you into freedom and inner lightness by lifting everything in you into a higher light vibration with the beat of their wings
  • They help you to detach yourself from what binds you to the material world, e.g. desires, possessiveness.
  • They help you to create space for yourself.
  • They break down your inner limitations and especially expand your human intellectual thinking. They inspire your thoughts, show you new perspectives and possibilities.
  • You receive and live the vision of a pure world.
  • They help you to heal your inner child.

Pegasus Unicorns enter your aura, bring the magic of the stars with them and outshine everything with their luminous presence. They help you to realize yourself by opening a powerful space for your true greatness and radiant presence. Ask them for their guidance and inspirations in prayers and meditations. They like to contact children because they love their open minds, tenderness and purity of a child's soul. They can reawaken this in you.

With diamond energization and initiation

Additional information

Material & Dimensions

High quality, crystal clear glass sphere with a "Pegasus Unicorn with stars" lasered inside
delivered with a stainless steel ring as a stand

Diameter: 3-1/8 in. / 80 mm


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