Shakti Pearl

Key to Renewal from from Goddess Shakti

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Experience the presence of Goddess Shakti!

  • Goddess Shakti invites you into her temple
  • Shakti, the Goddess of Renewal, gives you the key to her heart
  • The transformational power of the Goddess effects your entire aura: Shakti immerses you in a cleansing bath for your aura and chakras
  • Your chakras blossom in new radiant power and glory
  • Give yourself the energy of transformation from one dimension to the next: activate the potential of the quantum leap in your soul's evolution.
  • You experience a rise to a higher frequency on all levels in you
  • Transforms energy down to the cell level
  • You undergo renewal and new creation through the Divine Feminine
  • You experience the inner transformation of your wounded ego
  • Very good ofr times of change and a new orientation in your life.

Goddess Shakti, the mighty Goddess of Renewal, takes you into her light temple. The eternal divine flame of transcendence and renewal radiates from the centre of this temple.
Shakti's Goddess Presence floods you and transforms you down to the core of your soul.
Through her love she sees the beauty and glory in you and brings this to shine. She brings forth that which is hidden within you. She touches you innermost divinity and places her key of renewal within you. You are continuously rejuvenated as she bathes you in love. Embraced in her love, you can be reborn again.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

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Material & Dimensions

High quality amethyst-colored glass bead with fine-cut facets.
At the upper end of the pearl is a Loop is attached, which is designed for the suspension. The Eyelet is made of tombac (a brass-copper alloy).

Length: 1-5/8 in. / 4 cm Diameter: 1/2 in. / 1.2 cm

Necklace and decoration are not included in the scope of delivery.


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