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Diamond flame of divine talents

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  • Being in connection with Lightlord Metatron and Maha Cohan, the Master of the Rays in the diamond frequency
  • The Diamond Portal into the future of mankind
  • The Diamond Flame activates and rekindles your Divine talents and abilities within, the divine sciences, God´s inheritance that still lies dormant in your soul
  • Being in unison with the primordial laws of the universe, with divine science, sacred geometry, with the sacred primal sounds of the universe and the divine spectrum of colours
  • Being connected with the Sirius, with the cosmic brothers and sister of light from the sophisticated light races of the universe
  • Being in connection with the heyday and the Golden Age of Atlantis
  • Pure, divine inspiration and intuition
  • Being in contact with the ancient knowledge of the universe
  • Activates the Diamond Light Vehicle, the Merkaba
  • The Diamond Light Body awakens
  • Integration of your light aspects

The holy Diamond Flame will descend into you and rekindle your divine talents and abilities that lie dormant in your soul so that they may unfold now. You will open up to your inner Divinity and be able to follow your divine life plan.

Divine sciences and ancient wisdom of the universe may now radiate through you, as you had already activated them in illuminated lives. Your divine heritage and the treasure deep in your soul from enlightened dimensions and supreme planets of light will manifest on Earth - your aspects of light will awaken.

With diamond energization and initiation

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Material & Dimensions

High quality, finely cut, faceted zirconia diamond in Atlantis-blue

Diameter: 1 in. / 25 mm each


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