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Diamond flame of unconditional Love and Grace

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  • Entering the temple of Mother Mary and her presence as Primordial Goddess
  • The holy diamond flame of unconditional love will be rekindled within you
  • Unconditional forgiving at all levels and at all times
  • Energy of karma redemption and the frequency of grace
  • Transcendence of the ego consciousness
  • Unites the male and female principle
  • Chymical wedding
  • Connection and fusion with the spiritual dual soul
  • Transfers the highest frequency of light, healing and grace even to the cellular level
  • Activates the Diamond Light Vehicle, the Merkaba
  • The Diamond Light Body awakens
  • Lightness embraces and elates you
  • Letting go of the old system of values and "ascending" towards all-embracing, unconditional love

You will enter the shining temple of Mother Mary and the frequency of the Primordial Goddesses

– the energy of the holy diamond flame of unconditional love and grace will be rekindled within you even at the cellular level – you will feel the divine presence of the pink diamond flame – the grandeur and divine presence of Mary, the Master of Light, are within you. Divine harmony will be transferred to your consciousness and down to the cellular level.


With diamond energization and initiation

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Material & Dimensions

High quality, finely cut, faceted zirconia diamond in pink

Diameter: 1 in. / 25 mm each


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