Avatar Diamond Essence golden (Refillable)

Golden Source of Bliss

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  • Deep connection with Metatron and the Lightlords of the Sun
  • Being in contact with the divine source of bliss
  • Being connected with Jesus Christ, the golden Master of Hearts
  • Diamond source of bliss
  • A lively, golden flow also at the cellular level
  • Activates the divine flow of plenty, wealth and abundance at all levels
  • Divine joy – the higher feeling of happiness
  • Pure radiance and the holy stream
  • Delving into a blissful being
  • Activating success and happiness in all kinds of projects

The golden flow of bliss will fill your innermost being down to the cellular level activating supreme joy. Plenty, wealth and abundance of the universe will flow into your live and your projects.

Everlasting Essence (Refillable):
You may refill the essence bottle at any time – the 3 Avatar diamonds transfer the diamond light frequency during refilling. Simply refill with distilled water, ask Lord Sananda for his presence– water energized within 1-2 minutes. Spread by spraying in rooms – rooms will be pervaded and cleansed.

With diamond energization and initiation

Additional information

Material & Dimensions

High quality glass bottle in the color of Gold with a fine polished facets and internal laser figure "Litios Logo". The Flacon is a abdrehbarer spray head is attached. The scope of delivery includes three brilliant crystal clear cubic Zirconia-diamond to the energizing of the water, which are filled with water.
For security reasons, the bottles are supplied empty.

Size: 3-1/2 x 2-3/4 x 2 in. / 8 x 7 x 5 cm Volume: 1 ounce / 30 ml


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